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Jan 10, 2007 at 12:55 PM

Dynamic dataSource for table



I'm trying to change the dataSource of a table dynamically by using the method SET_DATA_SOURCE of the class CL_WD_TABLE.

A strange thing is that the parameter for this method is type ref to object... so what is this method expecting?

I always receive the same error:

"The following error text was processed in the system: Attribut NODE konnte nicht gefunden werden"

Even when I try the following, I receive that error:

lv_node_table = lr_table->get_data_source( ).

lr_table->set_data_source( value = lv_node_table ).

It seems pretty irrational to me that the result of the getter method seems to be the wrong parameter for the setter method...

I hope someone of you can figure out what went wrong here

Kind regards,