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ststart not getting called within new ui5 component

May 03, 2017 at 09:50 AM


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I am working on creating a UI5 component, that will be consumed Product Master Smart Template application. I am following this guide. I have mentioned the Odata service in manifest.json of UI5 component as

"dataSources": {
	"mainService": {
	"uri": "/sap/opu/odata/SAP/ZTEST_ART_HIER_SRV_01/",
	"type": "OData"

created a default model for this data source

	"": {
		"dataSource": "mainService",
		"settings": {
			"defaultBindingMode": "TwoWay",
			"defaultCountMode": "Inline",
			"refreshAfterChange": false

My component.js looks something like this. As per the guide using

ReuseComponentSupport.mixInto(this, "component");

As per the guide this will product the call the ststart in which I am mainly binding my OData to fetch the data using the navigation property of the OData.

readAHHeader looks like

readAHHeader: function(oModel, oBindingContext, fnSuccess) {
	var fnError = function() {}; + "/to_CategoryStruc", {
			success: fnSuccess,
			error: fnError

The XML view looks like

In my parent consuming application, I have included this component in annotation.xml, manifest.json and a component container in fragments as


The call to compoent is going and fetching the XML view and metadata of service, but it does not go inside ststart which it should do by default. So I am not able to bind my OData and do a call.

Is there anything which I am missing? Or How can I fix this?

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