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Jan 09, 2007 at 08:40 PM

Problem with Vendors and ME21N


Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem that I have with vendors and ME21N.


There are 2 vendors, one is controlled by the company, let's call it COMPVEND and the other one is store-controlled called STOVEND. Both are using the same company code and purchasing organization.

A userid called TESTUSER has access to ME21N, ME22N, ME23N, ME51N, ME52N, and ME53N.

Requirement: This user should be able to create a PO for a store-controlled vendor but it should not be allowed to create one for a company-controlled vendor.

How do I do this? I tried adding an authorization group for the 2 vendors. For vendor COMPVEND I entered auth grp COV in XK02 and for vendor STOVEND I entered auth grp STOV. The field used was LFA1-BEGRU. Then in the profile for this userid, I used auth obj F_LFA1_BEK, and just used auth grp STOV so that it's store-controlled only. But when I tested this userid, it still allowed me to create a PO for a company-controlled vendor.

Any suggestions on this matter is highly appreciated.