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Jan 09, 2007 at 04:19 PM

WD Application URL to send by Email



I have searched through many posts in thsi forum but I can't find any usable solution. I checked the Inter-Application-Navigation Tutorial as well which came up with the getApplicationURL method.

What I want to do is: Generate an <u>absolute</u> URL to another Web Dynpro Application...

Send this link by Email from my Application...

So the user can click on the Link in the Email and go directly to the second application - easy job you may think. In fact sending Email and getting URL Parameters was the easy part, but getting the URL gets complicated.

What I tried already in some variants:

wdComponentAPI.getURLService().getGeneralService().getApplicationURL("local/AppWD", "AppName");

-> I get a <b>relative</b> URL which is totally useless... Also if i do that with DeployableObjectPart as argument

String deployableObjectName = wdComponentAPI.getDeployableObjectPart().getDeployableObjectName();
WDDeployableObjectPart deployableObjectPart = WDDeployableObject.getDeployableObjectPart(deployableObjectName, "AppName", WDDeployableObjectPartType.APPLICATION);

String url = WDURLGenerator.getAbsoluteWebResourceURL(deployableObjectPart);

I get an URL like that:


which is not usable as well and those getAbsolute* methods are deprecated.

<b>Is there no way to create an <u>absolute</u> URL to a WD Application running on the same server programmatically?</b>. I mean building it by hand is not a problem, but not what I want...

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