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Jan 09, 2007 at 03:30 PM

Debugging PAR files containing both Services and Components



Does anyone have experience of debugging PAR files that contain both Portal services and components?

I have written a service, which works fine and can be invoked from a KM Scheduler Task and from other Portal components. In order to transport this in a Portal package I created a dummy Portal component using the wizard in NWDS (2.0.14), which created a blank JSPDynpage component and JSP.

I can create an iView from the Portal component in the PAR file, which enables the .PAR file to be transported in a Portal transport package by checking the 'Inlcude dependant objects' option.

The problem I have is that when I add breakpoints in the service and the component and try and debug them, the debugger only stops at the breakpoints in the service and never stops in the component. I added a breakpoint to a line that would always be called, i.e.





Does anyone have a work around for this or know why it happens? I could build and test the entire component in a seperate project in NWDS and then copy to the service PAR file but its a pain I would rather avoid.