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Jan 09, 2007 at 12:32 PM

Object Type with errors set to OBSOLETE.



We have a very seriously problem, hopefully some of you guys could come up with suggestions:

In a newly upgraded 7.0 system with SP 7, upgraded from 4.6C, we have got a problem with a custom object type (not a subtype). After upgrade, table SEWAFUBA is no longer in the system, but we have used this table as reference in an attribute of the object type. Therefore the object type could not be generated. We were not allowed to change the attribute since it was created in 4.6C so we decided to create a new attribute and set status for the old one to OBSOLETE.

By mistake the object type itself was set to obsolete and now we cannot get it back to a status where we can change it: If we try to set status IMPLEMENTED we are told that the new status should at leased be RELEASED. If we try to set RELEASED we are told that this is only possible if it is possible to generate the object type. But we cannot change the object type because it is in status OBSOLETE…

We are also not allowed to delete the object type because it was build in ver. 4.6C otherwise we could copy the object type, change it and copy the new one back to the old name.

The object type is used in a very large workflow in a lot of tasks so we would really appreciate a solution which makes it possible to still use the old object type.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Claus Lücking.