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May 03, 2017 at 05:43 AM

Which SAP PI Lookup Gives More performance?!!



Can anybody suggest me the which kind of lookups ( Jdbc/RFC/or, without lookup through SAP enhancement to read table) gives some good performance on SOAP to IDOC scenario.

Please suggest me any performance tuning kind of stuff on above scenarios too.

Current Design : We have mapping lookup table (around 1500 records) in SAP and required to map it in SAP while posting IDOCs.

SOAP==>PI (RFC lookup with SAP table)==>IDOC.

New Design :

Option 1 : with lookup

SOAP==>PI (JDBC lookup) ==> IDOC

Option 2 : without lookup

SOAP ==> PI ==> (SAP enhancement/user exit to read table) IDOC

Kindly advise me to challenge things to go.


Vasudeva G