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Jan 09, 2007 at 10:46 AM

hi very urgent


hi all,

can i execute an abap function code from within the abap editor.

like i want to execute a report at the same time i have to debug it when the code is running. it should not be manual like pressing F5, F6, or F7 should be done automatically (means withing the code ). and it should display the sy-subrc values. and these thing should be kept in an internal table. with line numbers where sy-subrc is recorded. this should work even when i give a report or function module or a bapi in the selection screen. the program should be run from top to bottom and should give all the sy-subrc values with line numbers. and the subroutine where it is occured.

internal table should contain

line no , sysubrc, and subroutine

this is an urgent requirement for our project to automate the quality testing. and for developers when debugging for long times.give me a solution proposal.

Thanks & Regards,

Poorna K