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Average result of qualitative inspection characteristic in inspection point

May 03, 2017 at 03:30 AM


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Hello Everyone.

I'm having a problem with inspection result of inspection point.

Things is, I have an inspection lot which record result as inspection point.

And characteristics in this inspection lot are both qualitative and quantitative.

After record result for 2 points into this insp lot, i tried to look for the average result of it.

I look at table QAMR-MITTELWERT, so I got the average result for all points of this inspection lot, but only for quantitative characteristic.

In the other hand, I can't find the proper table/field which keep the average result of qualitative characteristic.

I'm so new to QM, so i'm not sure that how QM manage this issue? Here's the example:

Lot no. xxxxxx

Point 1

Char A : A (Accept)

Char B : 100 ml

Point 2

Char A : R (Reject)

Char B : 300 ml

Average Result at QAMR-MITTELWERT

Char A : ???

Char B : 200 ml (average from point 1 and 2)

So the question is, can i find the average result for qualitative inspection characteristic? Please help guide me.

Thank you so much.

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Craig S
May 03, 2017 at 02:51 PM

There is no "average" for a qualitative characteristic. It is impossible. Qualitative resutls are not numeric. They are textural. If you have three possible choices like Red, yellow and green, how can the system average them?

For qualitative characteristics the last inspection point result is always used.


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Former Member

Hello Craig,

Thank you so much for your answer. I actually have the same idea as you, thanks so much to confirm it.

According to your last phrase, so quantitative characteristic can be use the average result from QAMR, am I correct? please help me clarify this.

Thank you so much.


QAMR contains the average. But I believe QASE has the actual individual results for inspection points and physical samples.