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Jan 09, 2007 at 05:46 AM

User Exit for iDocs?


Hi All,

I am working on Version 4.7.

I have been working on Cheque Printing/Payment Advice through the Transaction F110 (Program is RFFOEDI1) after running the Proposals and Payments made.

In the Process an iDoc is generated which is processed through the Transaction WE14 and then printed.

But the Address on the Payment Advice is truncated.

I have checked with the structure of the iDoc generated in the Transaction WE19 and it has all the Address fields with 35 characters only but we require them to be 70 characters long.

Hence, I have tried to extend the Basic iDoc type PEXR2001 with the Message type Payext with all the extended fields for which I will have to use the User Exit.

First of all, what is the procedure of finding the Program name which generated the iDoc?

Secondly, always there are 2 iDocs generated with the message types -

Payext and IDCREF01, hence which one to extend?

Thirdly, what is the best possible way of finding the User-Exit?

And Lastly, if the Basic iDoc type PEXR2001 with the Message type Payext is already extended as ZEXR2001 (which is already Released) how to tie them with the transaction WE82?