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Inconsistency of data during this window of installation BI 4.1 to BI 4.2


I am doing BI 4.2 installation on complete new SQL server 2012,currently we are on BI 4.1 sp3 SQL server 2008.I am using backup and restore strategy to intsall BI 4.1 on sql server 2012 and restore CMS and FRS from old system,then upgrade it to BI4.2(Recommended by SAP)

My query is as i am working on this,if i took Backup of CMS and FRS at morning 10 AM and working on installation of 4.2 on sql server 2012 till 4 PM.In this window between 10 AM-4 PM there might be few changes to universes,reports from users.

How to manage this inconsistency of data during this window of installation.

Please provide your insight on this issue.



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2 Answers

  • May 10, 2017 at 07:21 PM

    Wait, you're installing new 4.2 SP3 using 4.1 sp3 CMS DB ? (this shouldn't work).
    Or are you upgrading 4.1 Sp3 to 4.2 after CMS DB was moved to sql2012 ? (this is fine).

    As to how to mange this :
    1. Declare maintenance period during which no one can use the system.
    2. After new system is ready, use promotion management to move changed stuff from old system to new system.

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    May 11, 2017 at 06:20 AM

    Thanks for your reply Denis.

    My Method (Please check and let me know if dosen't work)

    Current system :BI 4.1 SP4 running on Windows server 2008 with SQL 2012 as database.(Will take backup of CMS and FRS)

    New system:Windows server 2012,I am doing a fresh installation of BI 4.1 sp4 with new database SQL 2014.Once its up i will restore CMS from backup and copy the file stores to new location.

    After this Delete references to the original server.

    Then recreate a SIA node by selecting restored CMS.

    1275068 - Backup & Restore XI 3.x / BI 4.x from one environment to another [video]

    If everything working fine my new system will be on windows server 2012 with BI 4.1 SP4 and SQL 2014 database.

    Then i am planning to upgrade it to BI 4.2.Please provide your expert advice on this method and suggest me if there is better way to do it.



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