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WBS element Posting clearing

Hi All

My question is regarding clearing the WBS element posting in intercompany scenario.

I have 2 company codes 1000 and 2000. there are 2 WBS elements WBS1000 and WBS2000 one per company code.i have created a project and in the project i have 2 levels higher level is WBS2000 and lower level is WBS1000.

I will create a sales order in Sales org 2000 which is assigned to CoCd 2000 and then deliver it from Plant 1000 which is assigned to CoCd 1000. This makes it inter-company and IC config is set up.

In the Sales order line item ,account assignment tab i am maintaining the WBS element as WBS1000 (WBS of CoCd 1000) so that revenue is captured against WBS elements.(because of my hierarchy set up of WBS elements during accounting WBS1000 is substituted with WBS2000 for customer invoice and WBS1000 is taken for IC invoice which is standard SAP functionality)

In pricing we have a price PR00 as 1000$ and then a Mark up of 100$ and i am also maintaining PI01 condition type for the inter company invoice.I deliver and bill .

2 invoices are generated one for customer invoice and one for inter company invoice.

In customer invoice i see a revenue of 1100$ against the WBS element WBS2000 and in IC invoice i see postings of 1000$ (copied form PI01)against WBS1000.

My question is how can i clear IC invoice using WBS2000 so that only profit $100 remains in WBS2000. So after the accounting documents are generated i wanted to apply the revenue in WBS2000 to clear the Postings in that when i run a report on WBS2000 my net value will be 100$.

  • 1100 as receivable on the Customer.
  • -1000 worth of Revenue to Cost Object WBS1000
  • -100 worth of Revenue to Cost Object WBS2000
  • -1000 credit to CoCd 2000 inter-company account
  • 1000 debit to CoCd 1000 inter-company account.
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