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Jan 08, 2007 at 05:24 PM

PU12 - multiple questions


I am using PU12 interface tool to export HCM Master data only. I created custom interface format and layouts and also used user exits to create my export structures.

My frustrations with the tool as as follows:

1. If I run the tool with our payroll area, and current/other period, and schedule it as a background job, the job runs fine. However, if I enter a date range in the selection, and try to schedule it as a background job, nothing gets selected.

I have to run the job online.

The reason I wish to do this is because I wish to automate job scheduling as a background job to be run everyday, without any manual triggering.

2. Is there a SAP std program/tcode to auotmate the download of the HR TemSe file, thus created from PU12, to be copied onto SAP application Server? I again have to use the tool and manually download the file. I want to automate the process.