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Jan 08, 2007 at 01:29 PM

Help to Receiver Content Conversion


Hi, i am facing IDoc2File Scenaio.

This file should be a .txt and only should have six numbers.

Incoming is an IDoc with the payload:







This should be converted into a flat file with content of teh values from TAFNR and TAFIST. It should look like: 014020

I am trying to achieve this with the Content Conversion in the ReceiverAdapter.

in ID is the message type:






In my understanding it's like recordset Structure is: Tafel_Details_Structure

So my Parameters look like:

Tafel_Details_Structure.fieldSeperator = ,

Tafel_Details_Structure.endSeperator = 'nl'

Tafel_Details_Structure.fieldNames = TAFIST,TAFSOLL

funny thing is, that after sending the IDoc the txt file contains:">







So there is no content conversion at all. Can someone help?!

br, Jens