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Jan 08, 2007 at 10:57 AM



These are very urgent for me

1. Which client number you use for the current


2. You are running a report. It is taking long time for

execution. What steps will you do to reduce the

execution time.

3. After running a BDC program in background, next

day morning when you see the results, few records

are not updated(error records). What will you do


4. You are given functional specs for a BDC program

and you need to decide whether to write a method

call transaction or a session. How u will decide?

5. What is the difference between report and script?

6. what are the differences between scripts & smart


7. what are enhancements?

8. what are user-exits?

9. what is badi?

10. what is the difference between user-exit & BADIs?

11. what is the difference between user-exit &


12. how do you get functional specs when you are

assigned some object? (specs through email..??)

13. How do you write technical specs?

14. How do you write UTP?(unit test plan)