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Jan 08, 2007 at 12:37 AM

How can I make a quick Report without SE38 authorization?


Hi all,

I have to make a small report but customer does not give me a developer key nor SE38 access to write a short report.

What I need:

I have migrated 1,5 Mio Business Partner (are in table BUT000) and 1.499.970 contracts of these BUPA (are in table FKKVKP). The problem is that for any reason 30 BUPA do not have contract and I have to find out who are theses 30 BUPA.

I tried it with QUICK VIEWER: Declared both tables and made a key relation between BUT000-PARTNER and FKKVKP-GPART. Then it shows me the all records that are in both tables. But actually that does not help me, since I want to see those 30 that are NOT in FKKVKP.

So I was thinking run this report in the QUICK VIEWER and then take the file with all theses Partners and then go into SE16 of BUT000 and select in the selection screen of parameter PARTNER all <> those in the file. But, since we are talking about 1,5 Mio, I cannot download the file from QUICK VIEWER:

I need a good idea to find this f____g 30 Business Partner who have no contract.

Who has an idea?