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Combobox is not behaving as described.

If you take a look at this description of combo-box in here from experience Fiori Design Web.

Size S example has Meters in the text field and the results displayed contain the text at any part of the string, not just the beginning.

However the example here - in hana explored website does not behave in the same way. The results it show contain only the ones which have the search string at the beginning.

Looking for a solution to filter items of combobox which contain text in any part of the string in version 1.36.12.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

  • May 02, 2017 at 02:46 PM

    Size S, M and L, is for the screen size and not the combo box.

    Size S, when the screen is viewed in mobile and M - Tablet and L is large or generally in laptop or desktop screens.

    Use Select or ComboBox. You can filter the contents in the dropdown or select from the list of values in it.



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    • Former Member

      Thanks for the quick Reply. My problem is with Custom Filtering. I have partially solved the problem.

      1. Filtering the results if any part of the string matches. Not just from the beginning - Done using custom filter
      2. But after filtering, the dropdown is not active. User has to click the down arrow explicitly even though there are results. - This is where I need help

      Below is my code

      XML -

      		path: '/Customers',
      		sorter: { path: 'Name' }
      			<core:ListItem key="{Name}" text="{Name}"/>

      Javascript -

      onInit : function () {
      	var vm = this;
      	var myDrpdn = vm.getView().byId("myDropdown");
      	var keyupListener = function (oEvt) {
      	    if (((oEvt.keyCode || oEvt.which) == 38) || ((oEvt.keyCode || oEvt.which) == 40)) {
      	    	// No filtering to be done when user is clicking up or down arrows
      	    	return false;
      	    var textID = '#' + myDrpdn.sId + '-inner'
      	    var enteredText = $(textID).val();
      // Had to attach an event because there is no livechange or similar property on sap.m.combobox
      	myDrpdn.attachBrowserEvent("keyup", keyupListener); 	
      testFunction : function (searchString) {
          var aFiltersComboBox = [];
          // Filtering on Name field based on searchString
          var oFilterComboBox = new sap.ui.model.Filter("Name", sap.ui.model.FilterOperator.Contains, searchString);