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Jan 05, 2007 at 07:19 PM

Analysis Authorizations - Issues with ITCAIPROV restricting Infocubes



Our team is beginning to implement authorizations to users within BI Netweaver 2004s.

One of the characterisitics that I am attempting to use to restrict access is characteristic ITCAIPROV. I'm trying to use it to restrict users to specific infoareas and infocubes. Both ITCAIPROV and 0INFOPROV are both checked for authorization enabled. The only value authorization for ITCAIPROV is:

I CP *

However, I have also set up a two heirarchy authorizations within ITCAIPROV. These are the infoareas I wanted to restrict access to:

Heirarchy: INFOAREAHIER/99991231//0INFOPROV


Type of Authorization: 0

Heirarchy Level: 0

Validity Range: 3

Heirarchy: INFOAREAHIER/99991231//0INFOPROV


Type of Authorization : 0

Heirarchy Level: 0

Validity Range: 3

My problem is that when I attempt to do a query under this authorization, and look for infoareas, there are none that are available to me, when I should see "Security Playground" as the only available infoarea.

Right now as a temporary solution, I am using Authorization Objects RS_COMP and RS_COMP1 to restrict infoareas, but technically I should be able to restrict infoareas and infocubes without the use of authorization objects.

Any ideas?

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