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Jan 05, 2007 at 05:25 PM

BW Report execution from BSP application



I am developing a web interface using BSP. One of the application in that is exposing BW reports in web through BSP. Using "How-To NetWeaver '04", I constructed the URL in the format -

http://<BW Server>:<Web AS port>/sapbw/bw/BEx?sap-language=EN&bsplanguage=EN&CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=<Template>

This URL gives me the output and I am able to call this from my BSP application.

But while executing this report, I am getting popup to enter user id and password. In actual scenario, user will be logging in using one of the BSP application in R3and from there there will be a link to get this report. All my other application are in R/3 (like sales order / R3 reports) and only this report is from BW. What I did is I created a BSP application in BW and provided the report link there and I called this BW BSP application from R3 BSP application. In SICF for BSP application, I have provided my user id and password.

Everything works fine except for the popup box. This popup appears even if I try to execute directly in BW server. BSP Webpage in BW is appearing with out any issues(so my SICF for BSP is working fine) and once I click the link to my report, the popup is coming. Kindly suggest how to suppress it.

Note: I posted this in Portal Development also