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Former Member
Jan 05, 2007 at 01:38 PM

Problem while changing templates


Dear all,

I have two web templates and each is built on a separate query. Both queries are however built on same Infocube and are almost identical except the keyfigure used.

I want to be able to jump from one template to the other. For this I have used command CHANGE_TEMPLATE and included links to each other.

Now each of my template has a query view selector so that I can select different views of the same query. Both templates also have a drop down box to filter on Charateristic 0Employee.

The query view selection works totally fine but when I jump to the other template for the first time, the page becomes blank (only the first time when i switch the templates). On refreshing, the page opens in the new template, but the filter value on Employee is lost. After this when I again switch between the templates, sometimes the filter value is retained and sometimes not.

Cn anyone advise me on this.

Will surely award useful answers with points!