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Aging List for Payables vs. Trade Creditor G/L Balances SAP ByDesign

Hi all,

I've had a couple of SAP ByD customers with multi currency payable items (as most companies will) who expect their Aging List for Payables report to reconcile to their Trade Creditor G/L Balances (Trail Balance) when comparing company currency for the same period.

There's a help document that explains this issue and suggests adapting the Trail Balance report by adding the line item currency. This shows the Trade creditors by currency but does not help in terms of reconciling the two reports to each other.

As I understand it, this is because the report Aging List Payables is based on the exchange rate of the day the documents were posted.

Does anyone know why the report was created this way, I'd love to know the thinking behind why the Aging List Payables has been created this way? Also, has anyone found a way to get an Aging Payables report that is comparable to the Trial Balance?


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2 Answers

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    May 31, 2017 at 06:51 AM

    Hello Kim,

    Most of the ByDesign Reports (Specially where there is currency and exchange rate involved) works this way.

    when you post the document (Let's say Supp Invoice) in currency other then company currency, system convert the value using the latest available rate (Rate valid on 23:59:59 for the exchange rate conversion date) for the posting date/document date (Depending on theconfiguration settings).

    for over a period, you will post multiple documents with multiple currencies. now when you extract the report, system will have to deal with the multiple currency, multiple exchange rate based on the exchange rate conversion date and probably do the reverse calculation.

    Aging list / Open item reports etc (and their underlying data source ) does not have all the relevant information stored. For example, With the aging list you will be interested in knowing the overdue open payable by the due dates and in some case, data source and report would not have stored the posting date/currency conversion date/ exchange rate and so it might not be feasible for system to do the reverse calculation.

    reports will anyway have the currencies, amounts and dates but then system will have to retrieve all the information again and then perform the calculation which may impact performance.

    Why it system converts the all the document's currency value to company currency considering a single date.

    My assumptions :

    1) So system shows the open amount as per exchange rate maintained for the Current (Or selected date, Assuming that you will end up paying the open item as per the current exchange rate or the exchange rate for the date selected)

    2) This currency conversion for single date also helps in improving performance.

    To avoid this : One option is to use the foreign currency re-measurement runs to reevaluate the open items at the month end. (Based on configuration setting, this re-measurement posting will or can be reversed on the first day of the next period). So when you check aging and trial balance report with the key date and/or display currency conversion date as end of a period. they should be in sync and matching.



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    • Former Member

      Thanks for your answer, I think you could be right about the re-measurement and the timing that both reports are run. I'm going to give this a go!

  • May 23, 2017 at 09:21 PM

    Hi Kim,

    I can't answer you on why the aging report was created using the conversion of the day. Normally, you should be able to change the conversion date in the selection.

    I have recently reconcile the trial balance using the Aging list for payables With Journal entry Details and the Account Payable - Open Items(This Report should be equal to the TB). I have used the the journal entry number as a reference in both reports and I did a VLOOKUP to find the missing ones. My difference was due to cancel documents.

    In my experience the aging is normally equal to the TB except the problem above.

    Hope this helps



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