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May 02, 2017 at 03:26 AM

My Leave Request : Team View : Configuration

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Hi Everyone,

I'm setting up ESS/MSS Leave Request via transaction PTARQ with the My Leave Request v2 Fiori app as the Front-end. I'm trying to set up the team calendar views.

Unfortunately, I don't know what particular settings are used when using the My Team Calendar app is used.

Using the default SAP config as an example.



1. Does this app *always* use a particular View Mode (e.g. always O - Attendance Overview or T - Team View Mode) or it depends on what user is opening the said app?

2. While it makes sense to have regular line managers to use the MSS_LTV_EE Org Structure View so that they can only view their own teams. What if I want HR to view the entire company's Absence data? Can I create an Org Structure View for them (let's call this ZHR_LCV_EE) and assign this to View Mode O?.

3. Do you think I should create two sets of Rule Groups : one for regular employees and one for managers so that I can have some degree of granularity of config?

Thanks :),


myteamcal.png (30.3 kB)
configcal.png (13.0 kB)