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SAP QM - Sample size

Hi Experts

Requirement- As soon as sample taken by lab ( sample created in system ) , the sample qty should automatically goes to scrap irrespective to inspection . As UD will take much time and inventory is not correctly reflected to this period. So need any user exit or solution to fulfill this.

Highly appreciated for a quick answer.Its very urgent

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2 Answers

  • May 03, 2017 at 03:13 PM

    What the business is asking for is potentially a very problematic process.

    Why doesn't the person taking the actual sample, or the lab actually receiving the sample, simply go into the UD and post the stock?

    Doing this automatically is a bad idea. Any miscalculation in the system of a sample qty will result in many problems to fix. For instance: 1) they receive against the wrong PO and have to MBST the receipt. Can't do becasue you have to go reverse your automatic material destruction. 2) a UOM is incorrect in the inspection plan or material master. Sample calls for sample size of 1 but a 1 equals 1 ton. 3) an incorrect sampling procedure was used. Sample calculated as 23 but sampler knew from experience to only pull 18. 5 need to be brought back. 4) material is a liquid coming in 55 gallon drums and BUOM is in KG. You pull 100ml from 8 different drums of a 24 drum delivery. Are you really going to convert 800 ml into KG and deduct from the inventory. It's hardy even measurable.

    When are you planning on doing this? If a GR MIGO is done before sampling, you may find enough damage in the shipment to refuse it. But now you have to reverse the automatic sample qty in order to return full shipment. If you do the sampling before the GR MIGO you won't have the system telling the sampler how much to sample. They'll have to know from written procedures or SOP's and figure it out manually each time.

    If you are doing this for manufactured material, sample size is calculated on process order size. What if you don't produce the full amount of material specified and hence not the amount of material. How do you receipt in produced material and when? All at once? Once per shift? Once per day? Are all orders for all materials processed the same way? What about rework orders? What about orders for a prototype or test run versus a full production order?

    This is not really something you want to do.

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  • May 02, 2017 at 09:29 PM

    Not standard.

    Have you even researched any of the available QM user exits yet?

    There are many lists of these available on the web.

    It seems like you just took user requirement and pasted it here looking for an easy solution.


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    • yeah, sorry.. I'm not helping you with this one because I feel this is just so wrong on so many levels and has so many ways to screw up your system. If you are consulting to a client you really better document that you advised against this. You really need a release from liability here or make sure you have really, really, good E&O insurance.

      They claim they want accurate inventory. This will cause more screw ups then helping.

      I don't believe any functional QM consultant who really does this for a living and really is trying to implement best practices at their clients would ever suggest this or support this to a client.