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Importing SAP HANA Backup to SQL Server

May 01, 2017 at 05:28 AM


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Hi Experts,

I am new in SAP (0 knowledge)...

We have clouds SAP HANA and I have given a task to import the database from SAP HANA to SQL Server.

I have the SAP backup which contain BID, BIP, DEV, PRD folder. Honestly I don't know where to start and which folder or files in their that I am going to use for importing.

Hopefully someone could help me. Thanks in advance

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3 Answers

Luis Darui
May 01, 2017 at 05:55 PM

Hi Lupin,

If you need to migrate your system from HANA to SQL Server, you probably have to perform a OS/DB migration. Check the system copy guides at

This will require an heterogeneous system copy with R3load, which will export all HANA database and you will later on import on SQL Server.

It is not possible to directly import a backup taken on a database system onto another.

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Thank Luis for your reply.

It seems the link is not available now. Anyways, I have existing a Windows 2008R2Ent Server that I inherit to the previous admin. I was informed that this is their SAP Test environment that has MS SQL 2008R2 server and SAP Management installed.

My question is it possible to import my HANA backup to this type of server? do I need to install another tools?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Lupin,

I just tested the link and it is working. It will redirect you to the following:

You cannot import your HANA backup there, like I said, you have to export through R3load from your system running on HANA and import on the system you're running on SQL Server. Check the heterogeneous system copy method in the system copy guide.
Hi Luis,

As I was informed that from SAP HANA Cloud team they use ECC to export our backup data from HANA system. Then they requested as to setup new server with below specs to import the backup data and then export It to SQL Server.

Linux : 3.0.101-0.47.71-xen # x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Sybase : Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 24647 SMP SP134

. Just want to know if this the right thing to do or maybe you have a better way that you could suggest. Thanks again.


Hi Lupin,

They will export the data with R3load/SWPM and this can be imported into SQL Server later.

If you have been asked by the SAP HANA Cloud team to provide this setup, then follow as they suggest. These guys know what they are doing :)
S Sriram May 02, 2017 at 01:24 PM


Kindly refer the SAP note 1718576 - Migration from SAP HANA to another database system.



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This note address an issue with BW DDL statements with report SMIGR_CREATE_DDL and not an how-to for OS/DB migration from SAP HANA to other databases. It does not answer or help the OP.

Lupin Aspen May 09, 2017 at 10:12 AM

Hi luis

I requested from HANA Team to export our database thru R3load/SWPM but they said they can't do it for Bobj system.

I don't have a choice but to follow their suggestions. Thanks once again luis for your insights.

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Well, I didn't know your product was BOBJ. It is always important to make sure to tag your product or describe it. For all SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver, R3Load/SWPM would be possible. I don't know how it works with BOBJ at this point. Good luck!