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UN Phrase Key / Description Import into SAP system for Dangerous Goods Master

Hi Guyz,

We are implementing Material Master in MDG. Setting up the Dangerous Goods Master is also required. Almost everything is done, but we are not able create the Master Data for Phrase Key / Description ( which is required to create a DG Master Record). As we are not implementing EH&S Module here, so I am not aware of terminoligies used here.

My Client is already using the DG Master in ECC system from last 10 yrs. And they have the UN library for Dangerous Goods updated in the ECC system which contains 2400+ records for DG Phrase Key.

I don't have any idea how to upload the 2400+ records of UN phrases. I have checked in the forums, and I came to know that we have to purchase the UN library from SAP & upload using CG31 t-code.

Can anyone share some light in this.



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2 Answers

  • May 01, 2017 at 06:16 AM

    Dear Rohit

    1.) MDG => do you really talk about "Master Data Governance"solution?

    2.) I am not aware of any option in "MDG" refer to 1.) to use "EHS" topic without customizing EHS. Therefore: you must implement/use EHS (DG Master data is an EHS topic)

    3.) And they have the UN library for Dangerous Goods updated in the ECC system which contains 2400+ records for DG Phrase Key. => my interpretation of this sentence is as: the client is e.g. using SAP content; even if this is not the case the next topic still applies

    4.) If you really would like to use only EHS DG Module then you must customize EHS partially. You can extract (using phrase export) the phrases from source system and using phrase import you can import in target system. And then you are ready (but to use only EHS DG is not the best choice !)

    For the "upload" in target system you have now two options

    a.) Phrase import

    b.) Use of current version of OCC

    In your situation a.) is the better option (as you extract from SAP and you import in SAP. For extraction: you have to get the "dat" file. Why then trying to convert that to an "OCC" like upload file? This is waste of time


    PS: refer to the many threads regarding "import/Export" etc. in the EHS forum

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  • May 01, 2017 at 01:33 PM

    Dear Rohit

    one topic i missed. It is not "good" enough to get "UN description" (etc) if you buy SAP content. I can not explain the details here but you need more, And this more is not provided by SAP but must be handled by your self or you are not compliant according DG regulations. Only as e.g. one key word: "Hazard Inducer" data can NOT be bought by SAP. An on top: you need to understand 100% perfect the "DG idea" (that you mave more than one regulation to consider etc.

    Please check

    - SAP online help

    - and the many threads discussing DG topics here


    PS: to make it clear: your client need DG expertise as well (e.g. for packaging stuff) and there is a good chance that you client must maintain data by his own (as this data can not be bought from SAP (may be as only looking on the cloud solution service) => get in touch with SAP if needed

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    • Dear Christoph,

      Sorry for the confusing post. Let me explain it clearly, then it might help.

      I am implementing MDG-M. Its a separate system. Client is using ECC as of now. Idea is to provide governance to the material creation & management. As part of their current process, any material which is ticked for Hazardous Goods, they manually create the DG Master for that material. When they create the DG Master Record, they provide the regualation, class, subclass etc etc. They are only using 1 Identification Type which is 'UN'. When they create a DG Master Record in the Description field they provide the Phrase Key.

      The available phrases for UN is given below in a screenshot.

      NOTE : They have not implemented EH&S module in the ECC system, they are just using Phrases as part of DG.

      Now, in MDG we have implemeted the material management & also creating the DG Master Record. Replication we are doing via MATMAS & DANGEROUSGOOD. It's working which is not a problem.


      We are not having the Phrase Master Data for the UN in MDG.

      Phrase Master Data get stored in the table.


      I am having only 2 entries in ESTPP table, which I created them manually using CG12 t-code.

      But in ECC system, ESTPP is already filled with 2400+ items.

      Out of so many threads, I came to know about the Phrase library which we have to upload. But now I am thinking of distributing the Phrases from ECC system to MDG system using PHRMAS.

      Please share a good way if you think there is any



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