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Physical Inventory Error in WM

Hi Gurus,

I have a situation here in Stock Take process in our warehouse.

Stock Take from one Storage Type.

  • 1.The user has created a PID, lets say PID-1 through LX16 and selecting Bins –From and To. Entered the count in the PID-1 and cleared the differences at WM level – LI20.
  • 2.Before closing the differences at MM level (LI21) he has created and another PID document, lets say, PID-2. Entered the count and cleared the differences at WM Level – LI20.

Please note the clearing of differences at WM level happens here automatically.

  • 3.Now, in the Transaction LI21: the clearing of differences in Inventory level; both the PID documents 1 and 2 are listed. The user has written them off and system has generated the Material Document number for 711 and 712 movement types.
  • 4.Now, when he checks for the Stocks per Material – LS24 for Materials randomly, they still have the Stocks reflecting at Storage Type 999, some reflecting for PID-1, some reflecting for PID-2 and some both PID-1 and 2.
  • 5.Further more, I checked the transaction LI21, system lists the all quants for both PID 1 and 2 in tact as it was not written off at all - refer to step 3.
  • 6.The user again tries to execute LI21, now the system gives an error Deficit of SL Unrestricteduse XX EA: “Material” “Plant” “Storage Location” for some materials.
  • 7.When he tries to cancel the Material Document (refer to step 3); system responds with message - Document XXXXXXXXXX does not contain any selectable items.

Can you please advice?

Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers

  • May 01, 2017 at 10:29 AM

    Unbelievable without screenshots that show your inventory document details, the movements, the stock overview from MMBE and LS24 and the details of LI21

    Also one sentence in your point 3 is confusing me a little: "The user has written them off" . Does this just mean he processed all items in LI21 or did he write it off using another transaction e.g. MIGO?

    In general I think you have an inconsistency between WM and MM, means WM has a different quantity than MM, and you tried to clear it with the physical count. Any movement for a WM managed location will always affect both worlds, MM and WM. Inconsistencies can occur with incomplete and faulty customizing, wrong initial stock loads and direct table updates. The only transaction that can clear inconsistencies is LX23, which assumes that WM is right and adjusts the MM inventory.

    see as well the KBA 1912470 - Error M7 021 is issued during inventory clearing via LI21

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    May 02, 2017 at 02:02 AM

    Hi Jurgen,

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Yes, for your question on point 3, the user has processed all items in LI21.

    <removed by moderator>

    Thank You.

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    Jul 17, 2017 at 12:44 AM

    This is what my analysis is. Please advice.

    Please find the example where two Inventory Documents have been created for the same material.

    When user is trying Writing-Off the differences at Inventory Management level (Transaction: LI21) for both the documents at the same time, system is issuing an error for Deficit of Stock.

    This is due to the system attempting to Write-Off the 58 quantity of the material while the actual Inventory level quantity is 29 whilst not considering to post the negative quantity of 29.

    Please refer the stocks at WM Level and Inventory (MM) level.

    To overcome this behavior of the system, the user can consider the following steps in sequence:

    Execute the LI21 transaction and please select the entries with negative stock quantity only and Write-Off them.

    Once done, the run the LI21 transaction again and select all the entries now and Write-Off again.

    For each of the above steps, system would create a material document each.

    Thank you very much Jurgen for your help.



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