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Jan 03, 2007 at 05:40 PM

Variable values not passing with Web Application Designer


We are on SP 11

I have defined variables in the planning modeler (no personalization) that should be used when executing a copy function. The idea is to have ready input capability. For example, the variable VERSION is defined - when the planning function is executed, the user should have the ability to select a version value. I have defined TWO button groups to enable the user this feature, however the values will not override the default variable value defined in the planning modeler

BUTTON GROUP #1 - this is a copy function button with Display Varable Screen option ON. When I press the button, the variable entry WEB Page Dialog pops up (with the default value). If I input a differenct value, we get the error the the value characteristic is not included in the selection. If we use the drop down available on the dialog box to select available values, we get what's on the Web Template (it seems the drop down option is not working)

BUTTON GROUP #2. - This is a VARIABLE BUTTON using the Open Variable Dialog command (the expectation was to override the default value) When we use the drop down option on the Web Page Dialog, we have the ability to select the valuse available, however the value does not override the default value defined on the planning modeler.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Andrew Ramirez