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Stock Clearance-movement type

Dear Experts,

I am Abaper, created custom screens for Po, Posted data's using Bapi.



A(Sub Component).


created Po on fiscial year 2016.

General po creation for material A GR done for 10 kgs (location 101, plant 101).

created sub contracting Po for material( B ) manually added(No BOM) Component material (A) .

Goods issue to the vendor for 5 kgs the goods recepit for 5 kgs.

While checking the stock.

mbew table -> 101 plant , qty 5 kgs

mard table-> 101 plant, qty 0.

Is their any Bapi for the clearing the remaining stock to the scarp without using location?.


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2 Answers

  • Apr 30, 2017 at 07:25 PM

    Better get training instead of a BAPI.

    Stock at a subcontractor is not stored in MARD it is stored in MSLB, since MARD has only the stock that is stored in your storage locations, subcontracting stock is special stock owned by you (hence value in MBEW) and stored at vendors premises .

    The movement type can be found by using F4 in MIGO, which always should be done first to understand the business case, before rushing into automation with BAPI.

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    • Hi Jurgen,

      Thankyou for replying. but in MSLB no location found. Every transaction done using plant and storage location. while posting in Bapi storage locations is mandatory.



  • May 01, 2017 at 10:42 AM

    Subcontractor stock has no location, it would be ridiculous if you had to customize your vendors locations in your system. That is just another reason why subcontracting stock has its own table, it is kept at vendor level.

    I guess you still believe in miracles with BAPIs. They are not supposed to do things that can't be done in regular online transactions. So the first step you should use in your analyze is to check if you can scrap this stock with MIGO.

    If it is possible then it is likely possible with the BAPI too. You can further check for OSS notes and read the docu for the BAPI to know about restrictions.

    How do you come to the conclusion "while posting in Bapi storage locations is mandatory"? Is there any error message that you see? SAP is usually smart enough to know from the special stock indicator that it does not need a storage location.

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