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Jan 03, 2007 at 12:35 PM

Device type unsuitable for ADS documents



We are running on NW04s ECC 6.0 EP 7.0 SP8.

I am getting an error when I try to take a Print preview of Standard Form 16 in R/3.

We have installed and configured ADS. ADS Version is also SP8. I am able to deploy WD for Java applications and able to see PDF Forms.

I also referred Notes 766410 & 685571. The Table TSP0B has the folowing values and the XDC files are located in the right folder.

AZPL203 zpl203.xdc

AZPL300 zpl300.xdc

HP9500 hppcl5c.xdc

HPLJ4 hppcl5e.xdc

HPLJIID hppcl5e.xdc

HPLJIIID hppcl5e.xdc

PDF1 acrobat6.xdc

POST2 ps_plain.xdc

What could be the Problem. I am still getting the error 'Device type unsuitable for ADS documents'.