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Jan 02, 2007 at 10:29 PM

Read uniquely named file. Sender File Adapter unsuitable for synchronous


Hi All,

We have a requirement to read a specific file that has a unique name based on a transaction ID. The transaction ID will be passed from the source application.

The communication is required to be synchronous. There could be multiple requests/files generated and present at the directory at any given time but each corresponding to a specific transaction ID. If the file is not yet generated for that transaction ID we return back an error to the calling system.

I think we can not use Sender File Adapter - because of the dynamic naming and also because we have to return a synchronous response back depending on the file availability. i.e. We can not have a defined pattern in the file name nor can we specify a wild card as there could be more than one files in the location.

In theory we could use the File Sender adapter to read all the files in the directory and a BPM with correlation set based on the transaction ID and let the process wait for the request. But as far as possible I want to avoid this unnecessary wait or extra demand on the system. More so because the files could get big.

If I were using a tool like SAP Business Connector or webMethods then I would I used a readFile Java service and given it a filename to return the required bytes in a synchronous read.

Is something like this possible in XI? If someone has written a synchronous Java to read file can they share the code? Or do you suggest I write a ABAP server proxy to read the file? The problem however will be how do we map the data to a XML within the code.

All suggestions welcome. There has to be a simple and effective solution to this mundane requirement !

Wishing all SDNers a bright start to this new year,



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"The transaction ID will be passed from the source application so we know what file to pick"