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Apr 28, 2017 at 07:01 PM

Socket Exception in Receiver SOAP Adapter


Hi Experts,

My scenario is Proxy to SOAP (Asynchronous). We are getting following error in receiver SOAP adapter.

" Failed to call the endpoint: Error in call over HTTP: HTTP 0 null "

" SOAP: Call failed: Failed to get the input stream from socket: Software caused connection abort: recv failed "

System Network Background and Steps taken:

1. The target URL is accessible only inside client network. Network has provided the access only to our PI system IP address. They are able to see 443 traffic and we are able to telnet successfully. Issue is with posting and retrieving the messages.

2. We tried Opening the URL from OS level and it gave certificate error in browser directly. We installed the root, intermediate and PFX data in NWA (In-Order) shared by client. After installing this, certificate error was ruled out in browser, we are able to access the URL via browser in OS level but issue still persists while triggering a message.

3. We restarted the PI system as well.

4. To make sure structure is perfect with all header data , along with graphical mapping we did XSLT mapping as well to look exactly same as the request message required by the system. We downloaded the end payload and provided for validation as well. No luck.

Kindly help me out to resolve this issue.