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B1WS "Invalid database type" after 8.81->9.2 upgrade


First off, apologies for any ineptitude on my part, I'm a DBA developer who's struggling with SAP integration currently.

So, we have an existing SAP instance which is v8.82 and our provider (who shall remain nameless) have built us a new SAP box in v9.2. One of the things we use currently is the Business 1 web service which we're connecting to via a SQL server CLR (essentially a c# console dll). I've stripped out the code and created a new c# console dll to test the new integration, my app will connect to the installed web service on both old and new instances, the old connects with no issues but the new gives the error:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException occurred HResult=0x80131501 Message=Invalid database type

Now, this is very likely down to the fact that the old connection uses SQL Server 2008 R2 and the new one is 2014, In the connection string I use:


instead of


If I try using the 2008 value I get a "cannot connect to license server" which I assume is because the version is incorrect so it would be an error I'd expect.

I've checked the server side config files and they definitely reference it, this is from LoginService.wsdl:

<s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="DatabaseType" > <s:simpleType> <s:restriction base="s:string"> <s:enumeration value="dst_MSSQL" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_DB_2" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_SYBASE" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_MSSQL2005" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_MSSQL2008" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_MSSQL2012" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_MSSQL2014" /> <s:enumeration value="dst_MAXDB" /> </s:restriction> </s:simpleType> </s:element>

It's also in the the InterfaceRep.xml

<BoDataServerTypes PropName="BoDataServerTypes" TypeName="BoDataServerTypes" isUserType="Y" isWritable="Y"> <dst_MSSQL>1</dst_MSSQL> <dst_DB_2>2</dst_DB_2> <dst_SYBASE>3</dst_SYBASE> <dst_MSSQL2005>4</dst_MSSQL2005> <dst_MAXDB>5</dst_MAXDB> <dst_MSSQL2008>6</dst_MSSQL2008> <dst_MSSQL2012>7</dst_MSSQL2012> <dst_MSSQL2014>8</dst_MSSQL2014> <dst_HANADB>9</dst_HANADB> <dst_MSSQL2016>10</dst_MSSQL2016> </BoDataServerTypes>

I'm going to guess that the issue here is that the DI server is fine but there's something in the SAP Business One Web Services that needs changing. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I'm going wrong as our provider has been less than helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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