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Dec 29, 2006 at 05:30 PM

Contract Creation using SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE


Hi All,

I am trying to create Sales contracts using SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE Function Module. I am having two issues and would like your help to resolve them:

1). Somehow the condition value of the line items are being multiplied by 10. For example if the price of line item is $40 and quantity is 5 then it should show as $200 in Condition Value in coditions tab but in fact it shows up as $2000 rather than $200, so, basically somewhere SAP is multiplying this value by 10. It is happening for all line items. Any idea why this will happen?

2). On billing plan tab the billing dates are generated based on the Start Date on the billing plan tab and that field somehow looks at the Contract Start Date under Contract data tab. Unfortunately this won't work for us because in some cases where we provide free service for three months before we want the billing to start, so, basically the contract start date is three months before the billing start date. When I set the contract start date using this above FM SAP automatically generates the billing dates based on that date. I then change the dates using BILLING_SCHEDULE_SAVE but when I go in transaction using VA42(Change contract) SAP changes the dates back to dates based on Contract start date.

Any ideas how I can resolve this?

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.