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Dec 28, 2006 at 03:14 PM

Sending reduced IDOC from XI to R/3 with nodata markers


Hi !

I need to update a VERY FEW Vendor fields data in R/3 from XI (FILE-XI-IDOC). I'm using the standard IDOC type CREMAS04 (I need to update fields of the E1LFBWM segment...withholding tax fields).

The problem is, that if I disable the not needed IDOC fields in the XI message mapping, when the IDOC reaches R/3, it blanks all the fields that were empty as result of the mapping...I verified it using XI and using the IDOC test tool (we19). For example, if the vendor had data in fields such as "salutation", "phone number", etc. after the IDOC processing, those fields change to BLANK.

One solution is to send the NODATA marker ("/") in those not needed fields, and that works!!!!...<b>BUT</b>, there are hundreds of IDOC fields.

I made a reduced IDOC type, based on CREMAS, enabling only the segments and fields needed, but tnx-WE19 and XI keep sending blank data in the not needed fields instead of the NODATA marker.

How could I send by default, the NODATA marker ("/") to all the fields NOT mapped or disabled, without having to map each field manually ?!?!?

Should XI send those fields as "/", or the R/3 should detect that the incoming IDOC is a reduced IDOC type, and complete all the not existing fields with NODATA ??

The goal is to update some data, and not overwrite with blanks, those fields that should remain untouched.

Thanks !!