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HANA Modelling of Measures at Different Data Granularities

Apr 28, 2017 at 05:38 AM


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Hi expert,

I was recently developing a HANA modelling solution (HANA 1.0 SPS12) where measures at different granularities needs to be displayed correctly when dimension members change. For example, we have item data, header 1 data and header 2 data. From left to right, they are connected in an N:1 relationship. The requirement is to achieve the following:

1. When dimension members are: item, header 1, header 2, the item level and header level measures should all be displayed:

item, header1, header2, item_KPI, header1_KPI, header2_KPI

2. When dimension members are header1, header2, the header level measures should be displayed:

header1, header 2, header1_KPI, header2_KPI

3. When dimension members are header2 only, only header2_KPI is displayed:

header2, header2_KPI

The change of dimension members is enabled by users' slicing and dicing. What's important is, when item is aggregated over, header level KPIs should remain the same! This is easily achieved in BW's composite provider, which recognises which KPI is at item level and which is at header level as long as the part providers are connected in the correct relationship(n:1).

With HANA native modelling (graphical calculation view), I have developed a solution in which, additional aggregation nodes are inserted before the final one. The additional aggregation node is based on the item level data together with header level KPIs, in the aggregation node, I use 'keep_flag=true' on the header dimension and set the aggregation of header level KPI as 'MAX'.

I'm wondering if there are other ways of achieving this in HANA.

Thanks and kind regards,

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1 Answer

Mynyna Chau
Jun 02, 2017 at 02:49 PM


I found a few blogs, that are describing modelling quite well. Please check them out to see if this might clarify your question:

Regards, Mynyna

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