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Search table error in Manage Customer Line Items SAP Fiori App

Apr 27, 2017 at 11:00 PM


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Hello partners,

I am activating the Manage Customer Line Items application for SAP Fiori v.1511 FPS02, but when I enter the application it is giving me the following error:

user-defined error: search table error: "SAPABAP1"."I_BUSINESSPARTNERCURDEFADDRESS#stub": line 1 col 369 (at pos 368): [19531] (range 3) user-defined error exception: #@amdp@#CL_MD_BUPA_AMDP=>CURRENT_DEFAULT_ADDRESS#@amdp@#
An exception was raised

All the required step-by-step documentation for the app has been done correctly, in addition to the user's permissions.

I have searched a lot of information on the subject without getting an answer. I appreciate any help you can give me with this error.

I am attaching the technical information with which I am working:

  • App URL:'F0711')/S5OP

  • Product version:

SAP NETWEAVER 7.5 07 (04/2017) SAP NETWEAVER 7.5


  • Image of the error:

  • Component version:
  • I appreciate all the help with this error.

    Best Regards! Gio.

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    Former Member May 04, 2017 at 03:42 PM


    Take a look of this OSS Note...

    That worked for me... ;-)

    Best regards,


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    Former Member

    Hi @Mariana, Thank you very much for your answer.

    The OSS Note 2287446 is for the component SAP_BASIS 750 with SP-0004 (SAPK-75004INSAPBASIS), and in the front-end system we have the component SAP_BASIS 750 with SP-0007 (SAPK-75007INSAPBASIS), therefore it is assumed that this note is already implemented for this version.

    However in our back-end system we have the component SAP_BASIS 750 with SP-0003 (SAPK-75003INSAPBASIS), So I have the following question:

    In which environment did you implement the OSS Note 2287446 ??, was in the back-end environment or in the front-end environment?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards!!


    Former Member

    Hi Gio,

    Its a problem on backend side not front-end, because the view missing is part of the app's backend objects (classes, CDS, etc.). Therefore, you have to apply the note on backend side... It seems its apply to your backend level



    PS: I wanted attach the debug I did when this happened to me, in order you can see where is the source of the problem, but I could not.

    Former Member

    Hi again @Mariana.

    First of all thank you very much for your help, the application of the OSS Note in the back-end system solved the problem.

    Now I would like to tell you about another error that has come to me with this application, since maybe you can also help me to find a solution:

    When I try to use the application filters, an error is generated in the query, the error assumes a Null value in the Get query, but I did not get the solution.

    I appreciate all the help with this topic.

    Grettings !!

    I attach an image of the error:

    error01.png (229.4 kB)
    error02.png (94.5 kB)
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    That error did not happened to me... In fact the app worked right away after applying the note. I think you should clear metadata cache (option on maintain service t-code) and recalculate apps index (se38 report /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE) in order to discard old app state (front-end side)...

    However, if after do this the issue still persist, take a look these OSS Notes:




    As I commented previously, this issue did not happens to me but I have refreshed the definitions (metadata cache/recalculate definitio) manually everytime a correction was applied.... Hope it helps

    Best Regards,


    PS: you should program a job to recalculate app index on dev daily. ;-)

    PS2: A suggestion.... If the initial question has been answered, you should close the question and post another one to ask for the new problem... If you don't do that, the forum moderator will ask you to do this.

    Former Member


    Yes, I already did all those processes but still the error is maintained, likewise I will continue to seek the solution.

    Again thank you very much for all the support and your comments, also for the recommendations here on the forum. I am going to proceed to close this incident.

    Best regards!!