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Barcode Entry For Vendor Invoice

Apr 27, 2017 at 09:42 PM


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I have just learned about activating barcode entry for MIRO or FB60.

But, before activating the barcode entry for MIRO or FB60, we must give a barcode to invoice and scan the invoice and store it somewhere in the system with the barcode number? Am I right?

How can you did these first steps?

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Kenneth Moore May 31, 2017 at 02:00 PM

If you configure the system to do so, MIRO/FB60 will automatically prompt for a barcode when saving. This will go into a the internal barcode queue (t-code OAM1). That barcode should be attached to the actual scan document or printed on it. When the document is scanned via whatever optical archiving solution you have, then it can be matched up with the FI document in SAP via the barcode.

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Kenneth thanks so much for your answer, I have started to think that nobody will answer me.

Your scenario is about late storing with bar code as I understand. But what I want to do is early storing with bar code. The scenario I want to create is like this:

1. A department in my organization will welcome all invoices in paper form and attach barcodes on them and scan&store them using OAWD (I am not sure if OAWD is correct transaction, it may change)

2. At this point while storing a scanned paper, a pop-up will open and ask for the barcode on paper and the user will enter the barcode. So the system will link the stored document with the barcode number on it.

3. Invoice in paper form will be sent to accounting department.

4. Accounting department will create FI document using FB60/MIRO. And the system will again ask for barcode via pop-up. And the accountant will enter the barcode attached in the first step.

I have managed to do the last step but couldn't do the first two steps. So is it possible to do what I want, and could you give me some more help?



Baris, I'm afraid I have only done late archiving scenario. A partial custom solution to get the attachments into SAP. I believe most customers use a 3rd party solution like OpenText (formerly IXOS) for automated archiving solutions.

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Dear Baris,

What optical archive you are using? We use Opentext. OT is oferring a software, called Enterprise Scan to directly connect the Scan Client to the archive.

I would design the process in the following way:

1. Change the way of organizing the incoming invoices.

Use paper sheets with printed barcodes as batch divider (a batch is a pack of invoices per vendor).

Therefore you have:

Barcode sheet


Barcode sheet



2. Reception Empolyee is scanning the whole bunch of sorted papers.

3. Scan Software recognize bar code sheets as divider, extracts the number, stores the files in SAP.

4. The scanned papers as sorted are brought to accouting department.

5. Accouting Employee is doing a posting, a pop-up arise and the barcode number is entered.

6. Automatically the previously stored scanned files gets linked to the posted accounting document.

Some recommendations:

1. Use barcode interleave 2 of 5

2. The bar code sheet needs to have the barcode and the textual meaning printed on for the accouting department.

I hope that I could help you!

Best Regards,



Dear Nikolaus,

thanks for your very detailed answer. You exactly described the prosess that I want.

But what I wonder is about the 3rd step as you said "Scan Software recognize bar code sheets as divider, extracts the number, stores the files in SAP."

I wonder if we can do this with customizings in SAP standarts wtihout using Opentext? Because my company doesn't want to pay for Opentext.

I can store documents with OAWD. But the problem that I couldn't solve is, to link this document with the barcode on it. I want to have a pop-up after OAWD and enter barcode there manually, and want the system will link the barcode number that I entered manually with the stored document. Is it possible without using Opentext?