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How to send the webdynpro table data entered by the user into the xml file

Hi all

I have a table with three columns in that only one column values entered by the user should be stored in the xml file,I am very new to the webdynpro,Please anyone can guide me how to send the webdynpro table data in to the xml file

Please help me in this issue

Thanks and regards

venkata kalyan

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Dec 27, 2006 at 10:49 AM

    Hi Kalyan,

    You have to get the data from context and write it into a file.

    Check which uploads the data to context.

    Read the context, create a file and write to that file.

    Regards, Anilkumar

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  • Dec 27, 2006 at 11:33 AM

    Hi anilkumar

    Thank you for giving the reply ,but am looking for how to send context data to the xml file,not xml into the webdynpro context ,i want to do from the scratch ,pls tell me how to send table data into xml file

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    • Former Member


      Take the Excel export example that will be useful to convert the Table data into XML fomat.

      U can import that excelexport project into your NWDS and in that first component

      component controller chage simple things then you get the table as a XML.

      // this is the line u need to chage before it is like XLS now I changed as XML

      cachedExcelResource = this.getCachedWebResource(excelXMLFile, fileName, WDWebResourceType.XML);

      change this and run that application then u will get some idea u can implement ur application ur own way .



  • Dec 27, 2006 at 12:15 PM

    Hi Lohitha

    Thank you for giving the reply,I am very new to webdynpro programming,If you dont mind will you please send the excel project to my gmail Account,Please clearly mention the steps i have to follow for storing table data in to the xml file

    Thanks and regards


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    • Hallo Lhitha,

      I created an updated version of my Excel Export tutorial available on SDN: Exporting" target="_blank">">Exporting Table Data Using On-Demand Streams - SAP NetWeaver 7.0:


      use <b>LinkedHashMap</b> instead of <i>HashMap</i>:

        private Map getProductColumnInfos() {
          Map columnInfosMap = new LinkedHashMap();
          columnInfosMap.put(IPrivateTableCompBasketView.IProductsElement.QUANTITY, "Quantity");
          columnInfosMap.put(IPrivateTableCompBasketView.IProductsElement.ARTICLE, "Article");
          columnInfosMap.put(IPrivateTableCompBasketView.IProductsElement.COLOR, "Color");
          columnInfosMap.put(IPrivateTableCompBasketView.IProductsElement.PRICE, "Price in EURO");
            "Total Per Article In Euro");
          return columnInfosMap;

      This keeps the order of key-displaytext-pairs passed by the client (table component) to the service (excel export component) stable.

      Regards, Bertram