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Impact of deactivating number range buffering SNRO


When i deactivate number range buffering in SNRO, there is a message "Caution:Unbuffered objects can cause performance problems and block servers."

Can anyone guide me on the impact experienced after deactivating number range buffering, in terms of performance issues observed if any?

We are on EHP5 FOR SAP ERP 6.0

Oracle db v12.1


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  • I understand that searching the site can be challenging, but have you really tried to do that?

    Search for Buffering Number Ranges, there is an excellent blog on the topic, which also points to useful SAP notes.

    If this is somehow related to your other question from today, I cannot see a good reason to deactivate buffering for shipment cost documents. :)

  • Hi Veselina, Thanks for your feedback. While there is a lot of literature on technical intricacies of number range buffering on how it works, buffering methods, technical requisites of buffering, etc which I was able to find easily, I am specifically looking for first hand experience on deactivating buffering from performance aspect. It is hard for business users to digest new document created with an "older" numbering and also to make them understand the techincal rationale behind it. Given that there may not be an easy answer to measure performance impact, I am considering to reduce buffering value to play safe. Thanks for your time though. Cheers

  • Someone else's experience may not apply to your system at all. It's not like a restaurant review that could give you a general idea. It's rather like asking for medical advice. You need a doctor, not Internet for that kind of information.

    Why don't you just ask your Basis admin? They at least know your system.

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