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Apr 27, 2017 at 01:37 PM

Check remittance print in two pages instead of one



When client run F110 –check run- the line items in check advice (remittance) printed in two pages even the number of vendor line items is very limited

Our investigation indicated that:

This is not happening all the time

Vendor is not the same every time this happening

Even on screen it shows in two pages so it is not related to Printer

There are some vendor in same run that have multiple line but printed in same page correctly

We compare all vendors master data, (print correctly and wrong one) no differences found

We even went back to invoice part to see if there is similarity in invoice for all wrong print, nothing found, some posted via MIRO some posted via FB60

We tried to replicate same vendor in QA, it shows correctly in QA, so wasn’t able to replicate issue

This happened several times in past several months, every time we weren’t able to replicate the same in QA so we couldn’t point the issue

ABAP compare program between QA and prod and seems the same

We check Variant, program file and everything under FBZP, couldn’t find any strange thing.

there are several company code under same client and all using the same check program/form however only one company code that has this issue , there is possibility that other company code never notice that or it wasnot big deal for them and never bother to create ticket

As side note, there is just one form do on top it is remittance and on bottom it is check

Any help would be appreciate