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Dec 26, 2006 at 06:42 PM

Role Menu/Bookmarking/Web Reporting in NW2004s


Hi BW experts,

I hope you can help us and answer some questions that we have... We are on SP09 and we have the FEP 9.02 installed. We recently upgraded to the NW2004s environment and in the process of migrating our stuff from 3.1 version to NW2004s for both DM and Reporting part of it. One of the major requirements from the business community is to have one place access to all the BW reports. Currently In production (BW 3.1) our users access all the web reports via Role Menu Template where we have defined a role based reporting hierarchy (that we of

course maintain via PFCG) using folders for each node level. For example:


Welcome 'username'!

<b>Role Menu</b>


-Sales Manager Role

-Customer Tracking Report

-Manager Sales Volume Report

-Distributor Report

-Lead Qualification Manager Report

-Lead Summary Report

--Lead Detail Report

- Account Executive Role

- Regional Sales Manager Role




So based on the user authorization level he/she can see multiple or one

role assigned to him and the web reports under each role respectively.

As we just learned Role Menu web item and template is no longer

available in WAD of NW2004s and SAP's solution is to use role menu based

web reporting in Portal. This is not a good news for us, but as I

understand we have no choice (since we will ONLY use the new queries and

new templates not 3.x ones - we are not migrating old stuff).

We have EP 6.0 Portal setup (none of us is experienced with Portal as we never used it before) and I tried to test and create role menu, iviews and etc., So

basically, the only reason why we will use portal is to have the role

menu and one place to execute all the web reports! Each user will only

have web reporting role assigned to him. May be I am doing something

wrong or misunderstood the whole concept but it seems like we can not

find anywhere (we searched the SDN network, help, SAP tutors and etc.,)

the answers to the following questions that are absolutely crucial to us

and define the whole idea of our users using the BW web reporting:

1. Is that possible (and if yes how to do it) to create Role Menu in

Portal that would look similar to what I described in the example above?

We don't need anything fancy. Very straight forward. Blue and white SAP

colors, no pictures, icons and etc., Meaning to have the multiple levels

of folders and links (name of the report, not a report selection screen) to Reports under each folder - ALL IN ONE SCREEN - just like it was in the Role Menu web item/template in 3x versions. And when a user decides to execute a report he/she can select it from the list, dbl click and execute it in the separate window.

When I tried doing it in Portal (I created a new Role menu with folders and inserted the web Bex reporting template and I also tried and uploaded the existing roles from BW to portal) each folder for some reason is actually a <u>TAB and web report (iview) already open (selection screen) on each</u>tab... . <b>We don't need this</b>. We need our users to see all the available

reports on one screen and have the ability to click and execute the one

they need.

1a. Is there a standard Role Menu Page that we can use for that

purpose? Where we would just insert the url or bex template string? If

yes what is the name and how to do it?

1b. May be there is an alternative to Role Menu item besides the

Portal solution that you can suggest - because the thing is we don't

need the portal other than the ability to run web reports... I

understand that we can just insert the URLs to the BW main screen under

the favorites, but business got used to Role menu template web page and

insisting on having something like that ONLY.

2. Another important aspect is Bookmark... Why is that when trying to

bookmark the web report it gives you the incomplete bookmark id on the

report rather than on the URL address bar like it was before? What are users suppose to do with that?!!! Let me explain why this is so important to us: power users, managers of course can run the BW reports and understand the concept of

the selection screen. To avoid the redundancy in BW reporting we created

generic reports, most of the IO on the selection screen and most of the

IO in navigation area. So users would run the report and drilldown to

what they need and then create bookmarks. BUT most of the users - use

bookmarks that power users and us(IT) created for them! Power Users would

send the links to their team. Even key users, managers have their own

bookmarks for the reports that they run often, or every morning and so

on. This was a very nice feature and HOW we were able to convince them

to use BW report and WHY they liked finally running the BW reports...

It took a lot of effort and training from the IT to do it...

I searched the forum and help and see that a lot of people asking the

same questions but there are no complete answers.

Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.