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Dec 26, 2006 at 11:10 AM

Print Layout Designer or Crystal.....! What to do?


Dear All,

We need to link our User forms to Print layouts in order to make our reports work exactly the way SAP reports work. Is there a way to enable the print and print preview toolbar buttons and make them show our Report Layout? So far the response from SDK Forum is not encouraging and many questions regarding the same issue remain unanswered there.

After looking for the solution in the SDK Forums we came across these two replies from Mr. Nick He and Mr.Frank Moebius. Both are of the opinion that currently SAP does not offer a support for this feature and better use a third party tool. We are not in a position right now to opt for any third party tool but if we get a clear response from your side regarding this matter, we can go for it. Kindly have a look at the following links:



The recommended solution within SAP B1 to develop Add-on reports is through User Queries and creating a Print Layout and run them via Query Manager Window. This approach in our view has the following drawbacks that make it less friendly with the end user:

1. Add-on forms appear in the left pane/menu, whereas reports would have to run through Query Manager only, which is in fact a small toolbar button on the top right side. We can add the Query Manager link to user menu but it doesn’t solve the problem.

2. A user with full authorization over the Print Layout can accidentally overwrite it by clicking the Create Report Button, whereas in case of SAP Reports the Layouts remain unchanged and only saved as a new Layout and set as Default Layout for a report. Add-on Reports cannot do this.

3. Different behavior of Layouts in Query Manager on Single Click and Double Click. In the Query Manager, if a user just selects a query by a Single Click and views a Print Preview (Layout) then the custom user Layout appears. But if a user Double clicks a query then the Query Window appears, exposing the query and making it editable. Also the Preview(Layout) is different in this case. The user can either view the Window or Table Layout in this case. Hence this exercise would make the user confused and prone to errors.

4. The Parameter/Criteria window that is SAP generated is not enough to fulfill user friendly interface requirements. Is there a way to add List boxes or Combos to that form. The parameter selection Checkboxes also behave in a strange way that even the experts find difficult to manipulate. If they are of no use, what’s the point in having them on the form in the first place.

All these points are leading us to confusion over the decision as to whether go for Query Based Reports or use Third Party tools. Kindly help us out in this regard. Your response would help us save some valuable time for our Add-on Development.