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Apr 27, 2017 at 12:04 PM

AS2 receiver file name



I need to set the file name dynamically in an AS2 receiver channel (SAP's own, not Seeburger).

My scenario is as follows: Idoc is received from ECC, passes a mapping and are sent, based on idoc receiver partner, to one of 25 recipients. Four of these recipients are communicating using AS2. The AS2 file names are different for all receivers and have a time stamp added to it. Today we are using Seeburger AttribMapper to fix this, but the Seeburger are being decommisioned so now I have to find an alternative.

What I have tried so far:

1. I have stolen a simple UDF ( and it works ok but I would rather like a more dynamic solution where I don´t have to change the mapping program if another receiver are added.

2. I have managed to use the DynamicConfigurationBean to insert a value into the filename but since I cannot concatenate a timestamp into that I can as well use the Filename parameter on the General View in the channel definition.

Can I achieve what I am trying to do without creating an adapter module that adds a time stamp to the filename given in the AS2 channel?