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Dec 25, 2006 at 05:15 AM

SAP FrontendWindows6.40 Patch Problem


HI Friends,

I have installed NW2004s SR1 on Windows 2003 server with Oracle 10.2 database.

When i am checking in SPAM ->Package level > I can see that my installed components like SAP_ABA, SAP_BASIS, PI_BASIS, SAP_BW have a level of 0010. I have installed the SPS 7 upto 10 in my system, as by default Nw2004s SR1 installation has SPS6 with it.

I had problems in opening Report Designer and Web Application designer(/thread/279484 [original link is broken]) for which i have been told to install the Frontend Patches.

According to the blog by Mr.Prakash Darji(/people/prakash.darji/blog/2006/07/26/troubleshoot-the-sap-netweaver-2004s-bi-frontend-installation)

and the procedure given it, I have downloaded the latest FrontendPatches like

1.SAPsetup for SAP GUI 6.40----SAPsetup640_23-10001615.exe

2.SAP GUI for Windows 6.40 Patch---SAPgui640_22-10001615.exe

3.SAP BW 3.5 AddOn Patch ---bw350_11-10001615.exe

4.SAP Netweaver 2004s BI AddOn Patch---Bw700SP10_1000-10001615.exe and started installing one by one in the same sequence.Ihave closed all SAP applications while installing.

I was able to install the first three successfully. But while installing the 4th one SAP Netweaver 2004s BI AddOn Patch---Bw700SP10_1000-10001615.exe I am getting the following error.

" The patch file C:\windows\TEMP\SAP5.tmp could not be opened. Please make sure the file exists and is a valid frontend patch."

I have checked the location C:\windows\TEMP and i can see the file exists. I get different file names each time i start execute it again like SAP45.tmp, SAP4B.tmp etc.

Please tell me what could be wrong??

One more thing is that I have downloaded the latest versions of the .exe files which were mentioned in the above said blog. Do i need to use the same .exe files which are mentioned in that blog or can i use the latest one??

Also today I am able to see in that there is a new version of .exe file SAP Netweaver 2004s BI AddOn Patch---Bw700SP11_1000-10001615.exe released. Do i need to use this one??

Please tell me how to proceed further ?

Points will be awarded to all.