Payment medium Fromat level of detail - Data Medium for each Document

Hi professionals,

i have a requirement to generate one "Data Medium" for each Document in the Payment run. In Transaction obpm3 is an option for "Maximum Number of Payments". I've set the number to 1. But somehow it is not working. I 'm using the correct payment medium format in my used payment medium. He is still generating one "Data Medium" for all Documents in one payment run.

Is there an other possibility to achieve my requirement?

Thanks for your help,



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2 Answers

  • Apr 28, 2017 at 02:08 PM

    Hallo Enrico,

    did you consider using standard function of 'Single Payment for Marked Item' (so-called 'Individual Payment')? This is dependent on payment method and company code - this would create a separate payment document (and a file as a result) per invoice paid. Please note that if you select this option, then the payment method must be entered in each invoice. You could also set 'Individual payment' in master data of a vendor - by this all documents will always be paid individually.

    You may also consider payment grouping option to define a grouping key which groups documents accordingly to BUKRS/BELNR/GJAHR. You could assign this payment grouping to vendor master data - this however would affect all the payments for such vendor.

    Please also have a look at OSS Note 305414 - F110: Unintelligible grouping of documents.



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  • May 02, 2017 at 07:01 AM

    I know it's possible to generate 1 IDOC per document (PAYEXT), you could convert them to files in a directory on the application server. If you want to use DMEE it's not possible, one file per paymentmethod is created. Another solution could be creating your own Z program which uses the F110 tables (REGUH/REGUP) to generate the files yourself.

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