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SAP HANA view- Read Long Text

Apr 27, 2017 at 07:04 AM


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Hello Folks,

I am creating a SAP hana graphical calulation view for GL Line item report and for that I need to read Long text.

In ABAP- READ_TEXT FM is there to do this because i think the field"CLUSTD" is in LRAW and also compressed. My problem is I cannot find a function to do it in HANA.

1) is there any way I can do this in HANA- since the report is in the ECC DB, so no SLT ( I have read the blog how to do this using SLT), not applicable in my case.

2) Even the calculation view is not allowint to read table "STXL" and throwing error - "inconsistent data type - and in HANA view the Data type is showing as BLOB and in ECC table its LRAW.

Anybody has tried this before ?


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Hello Moshe,

Yes, it has been asked, but I dont see an answer. Thats why I posted this.



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1 Answer

Spalding Glen May 09, 2017 at 07:53 AM

has anyone ever done anything like this.

can CDS be of any use here ?

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I'm not quite sure, what you need. But as a Database-Developer I would recommend to use the NCLOB-Datatype, because there are (sadly) issues with NVARCHAR and a TEXT-Datatype is simply missing. If you are using Javascript, be sure to decode the result (its a Buffer).