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Former Member
Dec 22, 2006 at 02:00 PM

Rename Technical names


Hello people,

I would rename technical names of infosources, datasources...

I see 2 ways :

- rename in a table the technical name of this infoobjects

- copy the infosource, with template the infosource to change.

In the first one, i don't know if this table exists.

In the second way, i create a new infosource with template the old one. i try to assign as datasource the old datasource (not connected to the old infosource, because <i>a datasource can be assigned to a only one infosource</i>). But i don't success. I don't see this datasource in order to assign it. And it seems i can't create a datasource manually with as template the old datasource.

Can you help me to resolve this problem??

Thank you !!!