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Dec 22, 2006 at 11:24 AM

Date Format



I have problem plz. clear anyone very urgent.

We have developed a RFC in interface

in Tables we are taking a Standard Structure.

in this structure 2 date fileds are there. this RFCs using in Webdynpro, EP

aftfer entering the data through EP in ABAP I have to validate the dates

between dates it should be there, if it is not there it should not accept some message will return.

This RFC is working properly in R/3.

but after filling the data in EP. what dates u r giving within the range is there

but it is not accepting.

what is the problem. or if sending data from have to change the format.

Eg: Project has create

Project Start Date is 01/12/2006.

Project End date is 31/12/2006.

b/w the above dates only under this level should create called WBS Element.

if u r trying to create 30/11/2006. should not create or

end date 01/01/2007 should not create.

this condition is working in R/3 properly

while comming from EP only problem arising.

anyone help me plz. very urgent.

actually it should handle in EP or ABAP.