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Dec 22, 2006 at 07:55 AM

Special Stock Indicator


What master data maintenance is required to trigger the special stock indicator "K" (Consignment Vendor)? Please indicate also if there is configuration that affects this indicator.


Business Process: Material is a consignment (vendor). Material affected is a variant material. During POS Inbound, some variant material is posted as an outright (meaning no special stock indicator "K" after the movement type).

Maintenance: Listing is done via assortment module (rack jobber) and purchasing info record was created using info category consignment both for the generic and variant material.

We have compared the maintenance of a variant material that was posted as a consigned material to another variant material that was posted as outright. There seems to be no difference at all. But we cannot figure out why one would post as outright while the other one as consignment. Both have the same material group and assortment module number.