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Apr 26, 2017 at 10:36 PM

Instalment plan split difference


Hi Experts,

We have configured instalment plans based on payment terms. To the instalment plan Payment term we have assigned various sub payment terms with different % split per each payment term.

6 monthly instalments are split according to the below %

16.665 16.667 16.667 16.667 16.667 16.667

The issue is when I post the instalment plan, using transaction FB05 or F-30. Let’s say total amount considered for the instalment plan is 308.40 EUR (includig credit notes, incoming payments and invoices) and the split is done:

51.39 51.40 51.40 51.40 51.40 51.41

Any idea why the last instalment has a different value?

Thanks in advance!